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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am presenting at JavaOne 2006

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This feels good. Last time I submitted and got accepted to talk at JavaOne (2004), I was working for one of the major sponsors. With all the rumors about too many presenters from Sun and sponsors, it makes one wonder how much of the reason was the presentation quality and how much was some of the other factors.

These days, I am definitely not working for a sponsor, so hopefully my presentation is due to my topic alone. And the topic is: Unhappily ever after: support, maintenance and troubleshooting of Java applications in production environments.

The preliminary outline I have submitted is extremely ambitious, but I hope I can fit it all in, even if not in details. I have talked about many of the issues in the blog already, so that could become useful for back-references.

I will probably be putting some snippets on the blog as I go along, but if any of you out there have strong opinions on what you would like to see in such a presentation, the comments are open.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Re: I love when its in Word - you have it easy

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Andrew C. Oliver muses on the need for violence when getting Java stack traces embedded in the MS Word docs. I call his bluff.

A day, when your MS Word document arrives and you open it to discover an image of the DOS window where part of the stack trace is seen at 50% zoom, then you can contemplate violence.

Until then....

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