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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Online typing speed test

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Nice, simple typing speed test page. Even with tired hands, I managed to pull good 86 wpm with only a 3 mistakes.

I remember buying the TypeQuick software long time ago to learn touch typing, when it still came on floppies and had some really strange copy protection. I remember the pain it was to uninstall the application back onto the floppy disk to make sure the license could be transferred over to the new computer.

At least, I could transfer the license back then. This days, Windows will not even let you do that legally. Talk about monopoly abuse.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

JavaOne 2006 sessions are up with sound and transcripts

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The sessions are finally up and like last couple of years have sound synchronized with the slides and transcripts. Like last couple of years, there are some transcription errors. Not surprising given the accents, etc. Still, I wish Sun had given the speakers a way to double check and correct the transcriptions. Given that they will be up for a long time, it is worth making sure things look really well.

I have checked my own session (TS-1669) and it is not too bad. I had more raspy voice than I have normally, but that's probably because of all the talking and partying that happened beforehand.

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